Contra Nocendi officially registered in France

Contra Nocendi is happy to announce that we have been officially registered as a non-profit association in France. We are registered under the law of associations 1901, which is similar to Charity status in the United Kingdom and 501c3 status in the United States. We are very excited about 2016 and we hope that you will join us and support our work in Burundi and Cameroon.


Founded in 2015, Contra Nocendi is an international human rights organisation based in Paris with an independent section based in Buea, Cameroon. We currently focus on the issue of treatment in detention in both Burundi and Cameroon. Our organisation looks to advance and promote human rights protections in Africa. We also take special note of the issue of SOGIE rights in Africa and will always prioritize inclusiveness  in an effort to make sure that our projects actively take steps to promote awareness for SOGIE rights and recognize the gender-based violence elements of SOGIE rights. Additionally we are prohibited for discriminating based on: religion, marital status, economic status, country of origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation or opinion, ethnicity, language, age or any other classification prohibited by international human rights law.

Most of our staff have multiple law degrees, including specializations in international human rights law. Those legal professionals are augmented by talented professionals focused on communications, advocacy, project management, finance, process management, and monitoring and evaluation. We also have four nationalities represented within our staff.

In addition, we are excited about our new law clinic that we are launching in partnership with our section in Cameroon which will provide pro bono legal services for persons who may otherwise be unable to seek counsel. The law clinic will eventually have an educational arm which will aim to provide resources and trainings to local lawyers to expand awareness and facilitate a deeper understanding of the international legal protections afforded to persons in detention. We hope to work with local universities and organisations to encourage recently graduated lawyers to pursue a career in human rights law. Through every step of the process, we will work to include all key stakeholders including police and security services.

In Burundi, we are working to augment the capacities of our partner organisations on human rights monitoring and treatment in detention in an effort to better equip our partners and our staff to monitor treatment in detention in Burundi. As it is our policy to be as inclusive as possible, we will also be working with security services and government representatives to work towards collective efforts to advance protections for persons in detention in Burundi as well as human rights protections in Burundi more generally.

It is very clear to us that we would not be moving forward with such positive momentum had it not been for the support we have received from our supporters and from our partners in Burundi and Cameroon. We are deeply moved by the warm response we have received and feel quite humbled by the support you all have shown. We look forward to repaying your faith in us with effective programming that will advance human rights in Cameroon and Burundi. We hope that everyone that is able will consider joining our membership scheme, or consider making a donation to help our programming. We also wish to invite everyone to sign up to our e-newsletter to keep up to date with Contra Nocendi.

We thank you again and wish everyone a successful and cherished 2016.

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