Contra Nocendi’s SAR-Cov2/Covid-19 response

Contra Nocendi Cameroon and Contra Nocendi International has been working with partners and colleagues to monitor the impact of the global pandemic on our operations and that of our partners and colleagues as well as the communities we serve. Our staff is largely working remotely and are receiving regular check-ins from senior staff to make sure they are safe and healthy. We believe that the do no harm principle extends beyond just our work in the field and we have put that belief into action.

In Cameroon, we continue to monitor human rights concerns including our on-going cases. We have done so while trying to keep our staff safe and by working with authorities to make sure our conduct encourages social distancing and encourages only essential travel. We continue to look for opportunities to help were we can.

We are happy to report that as of the time of this release, none of our staff have contracted the virus. Our staff has been working from home and practicing social distancing and only making essential trips. We will continue this practice in order to support the health of our staff and all that come into contact with our staff.

We wish to wish all our followers, supporters, friends, neighbours, families and colleagues across the globe good health. We will continue to monitor the situation and look forward to returning to full operation as soon as it safe to do so for all those involved.

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