Human Rights Day: Never too Young to Change the World!

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Every December 10th, the world marks Human rights Day. On this day in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On this Human Rights Day, we celebrate young people standing up for human rights under the theme Youth Standing up for Human Rights.

Contra Nocendi has firmly believes that youth participation is essential to achieve sustainable development for all and that the youth can play a crucial role in positive change. We see this everyday from young people seeking to engage in supporting our work to young people taking a stand to promote the rights of others.

The theme for this year takes on great significance for Contra Nocendi. One of the focuses this year is empowering youth to better know and claim their rights. Contra Nocendi has been planning for some time to expand its programming on the rights of the child to promote rights awareness. We firmly believe that human rights, especially in terms of the practical exercise of human rights, are best protected when the rights holders are aware and exercising their rights. We also see a great deal of importance in engaging young people in rights awareness programming as fundamental to expanding human rights protections and their practical exercise. We believe that young people who grow up fully aware of their rights are better prepared to be active exercisers of their rights and more empowered advocates for human rights for all people. In 2020, Contra Nocendi will be working with partners on the ground to provide human rights education programming in Cameroon in order to empower the next generation of human rights advocates.

The rights of the child and the positive promotion of human rights education for the next generation are extremely important to Contra Nocendi and we look forward to providing these programmes and learning from the next generation of human rights advocates.