Notice of withdrawal of Burundi from the ICC comes into force

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Contra Nocendi International is greatly saddened by the fact that the withdrawal notice of Burundi from the International Criminal Court (ICC) has come into effect, and all signs suggest that the Office of the Prosecutor will not be opening a formal investigation into this development in Burundi. We are heartbroken for the people of Burundi for many reasons. In particular, we feel that they deserve answers – they need to know what are the implications of this development on the protection of human rights within the country.  This is indeed a sad day for international justice and for the ICC itself.


Given that there has been no evidence so far that the government of Burundi has any intention of conducting an independent and transparent investigation into the current crisis, it does appear that the international community is permitting impunity for the horrific acts that have taken place. We hope that is not in fact the case. Over 400,000 Burundians have fled their homeland and many more have been internally displaced. Many human rights defenders, including our own friends and colleagues, have been forced to flee. Burundians of all political affiliations have suffered as a result of the situation. They all deserve better. We will continue to monitor developments over the next few days or weeks. We remain hopeful that the response we seek for the people of Burundi will be forthcoming, sooner rather than later.



Timeline of the withdrawal of Burundi from the ICC